La amiga de la Colección, Evelyn Solá Maldonado, Bibliotecaria Auxiliar del Centro de Documentación Obrera Santiago Iglesias Pantín de la Universidad de Puerto Rico en Humacao, nos ha enviado una interesante nota histórica.  En 1946, la American Federation of Labor (AFL) aprobó una resolución (#39) felicitando al nuevo Gobernador de Puerto Rico, Jesús T. Piñero, por su nombramiento al cargo.  A continuación publicamos el texto de la Resolución.

Whereas -- The President of the United States, Hon. Harry S. truman, appointed Hon. Jesús T. Piñero, a Puerto Rican-born American citizen as governor of Puerto Rico with the consent of the Senate of the United States, and
Whereas -- This is the first time in our political history that a Puerto Rican has been selected for the governorship of the Island, and
Whereas -- In the inaugural ceremonies the Secretary of the Interior read a message sent by President Truman offering his support and that of the nation to Governor Piñero, and
Whereas -- The A.F. of L. has given constant support to the Puerto Rico Free Federation of Workingmen and the people of Puerto Rico in their demands, toward bettering the political conditions of the two million American citizens living on this Island, there, be it
Resolved -- That this 65th convention of the A.F. of L. held in Chicago, Illinois, expresses its satisfaction to the President of the U.S. for the appointment of Mr. Jesús T. Piñero for the governorship of Puerto Rico, a step which is considered as the initial one toward the strengthening of the local self-government of the Island, and be it further
Resolved -- That this convention recommends to the Congress of the U.S. that the Organic Act of Puerto Rico be amended to the effect of granting the people the right to elect the governor at or before the general elections to be held in November 1948, consistent with the resolutions of previous conventions of the A.F. of L. and the demands of the people of Puerto Rico, and be it further,
Resolved -- That said Organic Law be liberalized to the extent that its provisions be in conformity with the rights that should be invested in the Puerto Ricans as American citizens and in accordance with the Treaty of Paris.